You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to UK property investments or have questions about working with Finlock, we answered some of the most commonly asked questions we get from our clients.
Over a phone or video call, one of our friendly and highly experienced Directors will take the time to understand your situation and goals, answer any of your questions, advise you on the best cities and strategies for investment and propose a personalised selection of properties so you can easily select the right property for you.

A professional management company will handle all the day-to-day running of the property for you. This includes aspects such as finding tenants and dealing with the move-in/move-out process, managing tenancy renewals, handling snagging and any maintenance requirements, collecting and paying the rent to you every month and providing monthly statements.

Simply put it costs you nothing, saves you a LOT of time and will result in a much more enjoyable experience. In the case of Finlock, we also provide opportunities which are simply not accessible anywhere else.
We are completely independent, we don’t charge you any fees and our service is designed uniquely around you. Our driving motivation is to find you the property which is best suited to your goals and remove the hassles from the search, buying process and ownership. We cover the whole of the UK market so you never miss an opportunity.

The Finlock Fundamentals are a strict set of underlying criteria which apply to every property we propose to ensure your investment is safeguarded and will stand the test of time. Read more here…..

Anyone over the age of 18. You can buy in your personal name or through a company. We have helped clients from over 54 countries purchase UK real estate.
With our comprehensive service everything can be done easily from your own home. There is no requirement to ever be present in the UK.
Yes. There are hundreds of UK based lenders who will grant mortgages to UK and international clients. Provided you pass their checks, you could secure a mortgage of up to 80% of the purchase price. Finlock can help you identify the best options for your profile.
Good question! There a many options so it really depends on your goals, budget and preferences but the good news is that the market is very diverse and there are opportunities for everyone. During your free consultation we will help you easily narrow down the best cities and properties to achieve your personal investment goals.
Every investment carries a degree of risk and UK property is no different. However, the UK property market is one of the best performing, most reliable property markets the world and the ability to leverage your investment gives it one of the most favorable risk vs reward ratios of any investment you can make.
International clients can purchase fully-managed, well located investment properties in the UK with deposits from around £50,000 / $70,000.
Generally speaking with every residential property purchase you need to account for Stamp Duty (purchase tax), solicitors fees, bank/mortgage fees and the cost of furnishing the property. The exact cost will vary depending on the type and value of property. We aim to minimize these costs for you and clearly detail them in every proposal so there are no surprises.